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Originally Posted by mcr_driver View Post
he is jeremy called his name out at 1am once and he poof appeared like a ninja
He must run a search for his user name ever 5 min. or so

Originally Posted by kpeng View Post
That's a fair assessment. And I have posted in your threads! lol. I've told you that I think your car is badass. I can be harsh on people, but I don't think it's ever unwarranted. If someone posts something pointless or are too lazy to search, I speak my mind. Doesn't mean that I'd handle it the same way as a moderator. While I am harsh to some, I'm very nice to others. I'm always willing to answer a question that I have some knowledge about. And yes, I am a post whore I see all. Ask the guys in the SoCal chat, I pop in whenever someone mentions me.
I have only started 3 threads and never see any comment from you. You could check those 3 threads. I just re-checked. It's either you missed them or you're just speechless . That's also why you didn't get so see Garbino front lip until I posted some pics on a general thread.

On being harsh thing, you could just try being a little nicer.

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