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Originally Posted by kpeng View Post
This is half just-for-fun, and half serious. I honestly think I can be a good moderator on here, and I ask for the support of my fellow fanatics to show everyone that it's not a bad idea (like most of you would think). True I have been banned before...a few times...but I am a fair person. I help those who seek knowledge, contribute meaningful threads, and always try to put noobs/idiots in their place. Most importantly, I am on here almost all the time, and any one who has PMed me can tell you that I answer almost instantly most of the time. There has been an influx of stupidity lately, lot of noobs who contribute nothing, and a lot of idiots who contribute nothing and don't help other fanatics. I want to help put an end to it.

Join me?
OMG please vote no for this idiot, talking about putting noobs in their place!!!!! Who are you to decide who’s a noob and who’s not, to each their own remember, and I think a lot of people cant stand you on this forum ………..bully wanna be,. Go find something else to do with your boring time. Make a movie or some thing.
P.S this idiot pops up in every thread I make running his mouth about my car like its his money I am spending…..funny guy
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