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Left lining back in place

The head unit appears once satnav cover is opened. For the space below the head unit I will install a DVD drive, on/off switch for the carputer (cutting direct power from battery) at least 15A capable, ethernet port to upload new media on the carputer's hard drive, a usb/card reader on a custom faceplate covered with the same grey fabric.

And of course I have the headunit's drive to listen to audio/mp3 cd in case a passenger hates my techno/trance/house music taste.

The thick tube contains the amplified signal wires and the 4 thinner wires the HU's aux out. Cable ties will be replaced with something more neat.

Not much on the other side, only power and ground. There's a ground terminal already present behind the lining.

The amplifier in operation. Doesn't get hot all, not even warm! I was worried that the upside down orientation would create heat issues but everything seems fine for now!
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