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My Ride: ESS TS2 320ci
4-Port powered USB 2.0 Hub
Slim-line DVD ROM drive in a usb enclosure


Emptied glovebox. I had 2 ideas about where to mount the hub. One was on the sideway below the BMW torch and the other one on the top of the glovebox, fusebox cover. I eventually mounted it sideways next to the torch.

They grey cable is the USB 2.0 coming from the trunk where the carputer is located. The other is a 5V/Ground line, coming from the 5v out of the carputer's smart power supply. The power supply is capable of delivering over 150W of power from 7V up to 27V without altering output voltage; 3.3V, 5V, 12V.

The USB hub

For this mod I used velcro with 3M self adjessive. With this way, the hub is easily removed from the glovebox for other uses.

Hub in place

I also have this mini keyboard which I will mount next to LCM some time

The carpc software automatically detects inserted media from usb sticks, dvd/cd rom, and generates playlist. The DVD Drive: Laptop drive and USB enclosure. Got the drive from ebay for $9.00 and the usb enclosure for $5.00

I noticed while testing that the drive would not operate when I connected the 2 cables - USB and Power from USB. It was drawing too much amperes from the USB host, so I threw another powered hub in the car pc area. Didn't want to damage the motherboard by drawing too much current.

Mounted the drive below the headunit. Didn't even have to remove the lining. I just slide it in place and secured it with ultra strong double sided tape.
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