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Originally Posted by Uncle Don View Post
i just did my brakes this evening, and changed front rotors. i will be putting on my rear rotors and pads tomorrow. its the first time i have ever worked on a bmw and it wasn't too bad. im curious to know how much a dealer would charge you to do this lol... only question i had was what was the wires for in the front drivers? now i know it was a sensor. they were not attached to anything when i took off the caliper. looked like someone spliced them together or something. but i have no light on in the dash or do they work and what are they for? just a warning light to let you know you need to change your pads? instead of the old squealing sound of the metal tab??? thanks...and good write up.

Dealer charges $500-$1500 depending on where you go, definately worth DIY.

That is exactly how the sensors work.
The wires being spliced together means that the previous owner was too cheap to buy replacement sensors when changing the pads. The tip of the sensor gets scraped through and it activates your dash light, when you splice them, the light goes out, but the sensor is no longer functional.
If you want it working, get new sensors and just plug them in, if you plan on keeping an eye on the brakes yourself, it won't hurt keeping the extra $20 in your pocket, but just remember that it's like that. Don't wait for the light.

My Ride: 2002 M3C

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