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Thanks a lot for the kind words. I decided against headers since it will be a DD and I don't wanna have any emission issues. If anybody knows any systems that I won't have a problem in TN, let me know. (Don't want to do the "friend" method either) I'm going to drive her for a bit and see how my traction is treating me. Currently running 255 mich ps2's, which I really like. I'll probably end up getting a LSD, but know little to nothing about them. I've seen people getting some systems from Diffsonline and a couple of others. Anybody wanna chime in on what they have used? Cost say $2,500? What kind of locking ratio? Stick with the 3.07 gears? or change them to say 3.46? I want to keep a stock look as much as possible. I'm all about the "suprise" factor. My old man has a 996 C4. He doesn't know I am getting it put in. I told him, we should run on the interstate sometime because I think my car is faster than his. He laughed at me. Looks like I'll be laughing next week.

I'll get some pictures of her in a week or so and post some up. Also, to give a little background on her. I got rear ended about 2 years ago. Dude was doing like 40 mph and didn't hit the brakes. $10k worth of body damage (front and back) but one thing let to another and a bolt came out of the oil system, put metal filings thru the engine. BMW couldn't prove it was because of the wreck and I got a brand new engine because of it (warranty covered it all). So my car has 71k miles but the engine has roughly 30k.

Once again, thanks for all the information you guys have posted on her. It's a wealth of knowledge.
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