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Originally Posted by BMWF18 View Post
Easy way to check you water valves is to turn on your a/c and grab the hoses going to either side of it. If they are both hot, and your heater is not on...It failed open. If the problem persist, you might have a leak on your evaporator or some other component.
where can i find these hoses?

Originally Posted by fmzip View Post
If you DIY, make sure you bleed your coolant system.
thanks, will do

Originally Posted by kurtnhl View Post
I had the drivers side cold and the other side warm thing happen to me. After 3 times of adding dye to the freon and not being able to find a leak my mechanic decided to tear the dash apart and see if it was the core. Turns out it was and now a few grand later i have ac
more info about your problems. just keeping all parts in mind.
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