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ok, here we go...
are you black?
yes i am.

"In Jamaica, when one person says "hey mahn", everybody else says "hey mahn' bahck!"

True or false?
false, "hey mon" as you whiteys say is the universal way for the tourist to say hey man, as in whats up, they simple say hey man back because if they said, wah gwaan man, weh ya deal wid, you wouldnt understand.

i think cuz his sn sounds indian and i thought it was his name

my un, is actually my surname backwards.
why doesnt every jamaican move to the states and work at car dealerships?

They annoyed the sh1t out of me last year when I was there.
well not every Jamaican wants to leave Jamaica, and not all Jamaicans know about cars. sorry to hear they annoyed you tho.
Snik you beat me to it.
yuh done knwo king.
I've been listening to reggae for a long time and I think that is a shortened term for Bam/Bum Blood Clot.

What a Bam/Bum Blood Clot means I do not know
its bloodklaat, and bumboklaat.
theyre both cuss words, can be used to substitute for sh1t, fvk, damn, pretty much anything, our cuss words can be flipped around all the time, its all in the context it is used.
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^^^ do you spend all your free time on two wheels?
The Snikster posted sexy wiminz here
Do you ride a sportbike?
Do you have a question about Jamaica? Ask?
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