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Originally Posted by jwm5 View Post
Ausfahrt ---> taking a slammed touring down a dirt road as someone else asked whats your suspension setup. Nice MTech 2 front, mine is on the way, looks like you might also have CS splitters on it - Yes? this is the setup I will be getting and I am wondering how low it will be compared to what I have now (too low -- stock front with Rieger lip)

I dont go on here much so I don't usually reply back. Actually I forget that I posted and I dont check for people's questions. Yeah there is a story to that. I have Pioneer Navigation and I looked to see if I can take a shorter way to the Grand Canyon. Well the road on the navigation unit looked like a small paved road that I've taken before. The paved road ended after 6 miles. I had 18 miles left which was basically all gravel/dirt! Being stubborn that I am I did not want to hear I told you so by my wife, so onward I kept. I was going about 15-20 mph and it took me 72 minutes to drive through that crap. I wasn't really worried about popping a tire, but more concerned about getting jacked by the hill have eye's.

The suspension is PSS9's. Yes those are splitters.

Here are some old pics

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