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I finally got the cable installed. The cable I talked about in the first post was just a test to see if it'll work.

If anyone wants to attempt this, I've learned a few things. The most important is that you don't need a CD-changer. You just need a head unit with the CD-changer connector (if you haven't got AUX). I made the cable and the first time I tried it, I accidentally forgot to hook the other end up to the changer wire. Don't need to! I clipped the other end of the wire off and it works just fine, though it seems that the HU might still be getting some sort of information from the CD-changer over some other connection, because it displays "CD 1-01" and when I took out the cartridge, read "No magazine". The iPod kept playing just fine, though.

Basically, it seems like the CD-changer connector works just like AUX.

When you're making the cable, try to find a 40-wire IDE cable or even better, a FDD cable. The wires are larger, it's easier to connect them. I put two female RCA connectors to the other end of my FDD cable and then ran a separate RCA (male) -> 3.5mm jack to the sunglasses holder. Has more slack when I connect the iPod and when I pull on the cable, it won't break the original connections to the FDD cable. Soldering the connections works, too, though I've never been good at it, so I messed them up and the volume kept fluctuating.

When you cut the FDD/IDE cable, the connector ends up being very brittle, so you might have a hard time keeping it from breaking when connecting the HU to the large connectorbracket. I messed up 3 cables that way. It's possible to buy the original CD-changer connector from a dealership for about $1 and then just connecting a 10-wire flat cable to it. Actually, now that I think about it, you don't even need a 2*5 pin connector and 10-wire, you just need a 4-pin connector for the + and - for both channels. The other wires seem to be completely useless.


About the locking thing.

I can't say for certain about the Nano, but the people who have a Touch have no problem keeping it from being locked while retaining steering wheel controls, ID3 tags etc. Unfortunately, I have a simple 5G Video iPod and I only have a choice between an unlocked iPod or all of the comforts DICE has compared to an usual AUX cable.

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