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its been a couple of weeks i haven't hit the bars, tonight i did. had a couple of drinks, was some chicks birthday party. my buddy got wasted, a 30 minute ride back home took us 2 hours for stopping every 10 minutes for him to throw up.

as much as i drank, i didn't feel drunk at all once i saw my buddy needed help, he started a fight with 2 bouncers which me and 2 cops broke up, good thing the cops were chill and didnt arrest anyone.

after finally dropping the kid off to his apartment on his bed, I go pick up a burger and go str8 home.;

we just brought this puppy this morning, so right when I open the door at 4am first thing i see is this damn dog running up all on me barking and sh1t, waking everyone up in the house. i tie the dog and go upstairs, it gets louder, i usually sneak in but theres no way i can do that anymore.

spend 15 minutes with the pup, beg him to settle down, he continues to cry everytime i go up, i tell him to fcuk off and goto sleep. he barks continously for 10 minutes and falls asleep.

now im eatting my burger peacefully, but what sucks is that i have to wake up in 3 hours for work
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