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i'll take some day pix first thing tomorrow. Here is the details on UUC halos. their ring is a 3/4 ring where you have to use the clip to clip the ring onto the surround of the light housing. the problem wiht Xenons is that the xenon side does not have the ring for the halos to be clipped on, hence the "problem" This kit's ring is a complete ring with the endings hooked 90 degrees. so the way this kit is mounted is by hanging (of course glueing the ring via the 90degree protrusion) ontop of the light housing. and the fibers is attached to the end of these protrusions and is lead outside through a cut of the rubber covers, which means NO DRILLING!!! The install is easy compared to the LED DDEs. the headlight doesnt even need to come off.

Another problem addressed is the heat denerated by the Bulb housing. Users of UUC or DDEs complained about the housing getting too hot and melting the fluid resevoir and even the fiber endings. This kit comes with a bigger housing with more ventilation. the housing can be felt with bare hands even after 1 hour or 2 of use.
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