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Originally posted by Steve
Sounds and looks sweet! I'll fire off an e-mail. Would definitely like to see daytime pics and any install picture you can come up with. You said the kit comes with epoxy, are there any irreversible mods that have to be done? How are they tapped into the wiring harness?
sorry but i didnt take any install pix. but i'll take some pix of how the light box and wires are installed and lead in. Like I said, i'll take some pix tomorrow.

All the modifications done can be reversed!!!!!!!!! like i said the only mod you need to do is the cut a little slit in the rubber cover on the rear side of the headlight for the fiber to come out. NO DRILLING REQUIRED! the light box is wired to the fog lights. If you tap it into the turn signals you increase the overall voltage of the turn signal system which will slow down the blink speed. But this doesnt affect the fogs. the EPOXY can be easily pried off. So if needed, you can remove the entire installation and be only left with a bearly visible slit in the rubber cover which no one can tell. If they can, its proyl just a screw driver made hole....
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