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Originally Posted by Dominancex View Post

great job, now i wanna see it shoot ammo.

how accurate is it and its range?

its pretty accurate, not the best - we wanted to get the basic gist of the project down first. Robot itself could go to about 328 ft indoors (depending on walls, etc.) and 1000 ft line of sight.

Originally Posted by E36Eric View Post
The recoil of the turret doesnt flip it backwards? What kind of rounds are you firing?
Turret was secured well within the base of the robot so there wasnt any recoil that we noticed. The wheels are also pretty strong DC motors so they would not be pushed back by the force of the gun. I believe its .177 pointed Remington ammo that was used.

Originally Posted by keviNpx415 View Post
i thought it was like the size of a go kart so i laughed when i saw the youtube video

that's really cool i wish i had the ability to do something like that
The size that we decided to go for was the most cost effective one. haha I was actually approached by someone building these vehicles on a larger scale right after my presentation to the professors - his company was making them on military APC's. However his were running on standard RC controls, he wanted me to help build a wifi base.

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