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Originally Posted by 323ci Fanatic View Post
i got reading about exhausts etc and stumbled across the golf tee mod by which you plug up the vaccum that controls the flap in the right exhaust pipe. I saw that it was only for 330's but i had a look at my exhaust anyway. On my right exhaust pipe, inside there is a flap that was open when my car was off and closed when it was idling. Im gona do the mod in the next few days and see how it goes. Heard that doing this will give it a bit of extra sound below 3000rpm before it opens up agian.
Interesting. I believe 325xi's can also do this mod. FYI, my understanding is that typically the butterfly valve is *open* at idle. At least it is on 330's. Everything I've read suggests it closes around 1200rpm, so either you looked at the valve when you first turned on a cold car or your car's idle is totally out of wack.

This is a stupid, stupid, STUPID modification. That being said, I did it and left it, and the exhaust is slightly louder now. In particular you will notice a mild volume increase in the 1400-2300rpm range.

Still a ridiculous "mod". The only 'advantage' to this mod is when you're driving around in a parking lot it sounds slightly beefier.
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