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HPF turbo kit long term reliability?

Hi everyone. My old man has an E46 M3 with 50k miles. He was planning to get a GT-R but nobody will sell one near MSRP. I sent him a link to HPFs kit and he's interested.

It seems to fit the bill, comprehensive kit for stock-like result. I've done some searching and it appears that putting FI on a stock motor with high milage isn't much of a problem, however I wonder what about the longevity of the motor? For Subaru motors (which I am familiar with), going over 450 whp is a matter of when not if. Do HPF turboed cars last a reasonable amount of time? Saying "I've had my kit for 10k miles and no problems, therefor it'll last forever" isn't very convincing. Has anyone run the kit for 30, 40, 50k miles? My dad isn't a tinkerer and would not enjoy tearing his car apart more than he has to.

I am aware of the mantra "it's all in the tune." A 450 whp car can have (and pretty much requires) a stock-quality tune, I agree, but 450 whp is near double the stock power which the stock components were simply not designed for. There has to be additional wear, how much is what I asking.

Thanks everyone!
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