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Originally Posted by Capt Crunch View Post
What about 30k? I remember seeing the kit at least a year ago, and maybe there is some poor bastard that's got a long commute.
I doubt it, but there are enough FI S54's to kindof answer the question.

It will wear out the rings eventually. The S54 is high compression and has an efficient head, the rings are getting put under more stress because of the extra boost and will wear out faster (hotter temps don't really help).

How much faster will depend on more than just mileage, if you drive out of boost more of the time there won't be much effect, if you only drag race the car the motor will be shot pretty quick.

Any FI beyond 5 psi on any motor (unless FI stock) should be prepared for a rebuild at some point, even if just hone and new rings, the teardown is the $$.

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