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Running 104 octane on a 91 tune won't make any difference on ring wear. It's the amount of torque (well, cylinder pressures to be exact) that puts a larger strain on the rings.

I used to tune turbo Hondas, and the road racing cars I've done, stock rings last about 2 racing seasons before they start blowing through. Street cars that don't see the track easily last 5+ years before we start seeing blowby. On a S54? Who knows... I've seen local S/C S54s blow up from just street use, and some that last forever. Not enough data to make a solid conclusion.

I'm expecting my Stage 2 HPF to last 2 years of hard driving before the rings start to wear out. At that point, I'll go for a stage 3 build (or if I'm itchin' for more power hehe). That's a mix of track use, and back highway runs through the mountains.

The Hondas I've tuned with simple rod and piston upgrades with good rings lasts pretty much forever, even the race cars.
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