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Originally Posted by CSHFLW View Post

So I've probally meet 10,000 AR15 experts...and surprisingly the ones that know the least are service men....I have NO idea why? I've met guys fresh from Iraq and don't even know the caliper.

But in the pic above, if they knew so much they might want to start with back up iron sights and not using china made airsoft optics.

And Mega's are pretty low on the quality pole....I've owned probally 10 Mega's. 9 of which sucked. I kept the good one (wife's Pink AR).
Everything you see is customer requested. You must know some poor service men ( that or ones that don't use a weapon past basic). I know that any man worth his sh*t in the field knows his weapons. As for the Megas... different strokes for different folks. I've never owned one, but I will soon I've test fired several with hundreds of rounds down range with no cleaning.. just lubing and they work perfectly.

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