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Originally Posted by CSHFLW View Post
You don't lube a lower ;-)

But yes, it's always a never ending debate. For me, as a builder, I notice very small inprofections which generally make building on them a major pain in the ass. I've had to drill out many a hole due to the thick teflon finish or many will not "drop free" a mag, they even get stuck in the mag well sometimes.
We were talking Mega parts in general as I said they build with mega uppers and lowers ;-)

As for the finish... Ad-tek and almost any "professional" builder I talk to still work ANY lower and upper they receive from whichever company to make sure the fit and functionality work correctly. I nor any gun nut I know believes factory parts are at their full potential until given a little TLC.

Well I digress, big ups for you on building your own.
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