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My Ride: 2006 325 Ci
[This is the first time actually writing the following numbers down...disturbing to say the least]

Yeah, well, I bought my 2006 325Ci in September 2007 with only 8,000 miles on her. Two 2,600 mile trips from FL to Albany, NY and one trip from FL to Knoxville, TN and I just reached 24,000 miles...16,000 in ten months! Damn!

But they were 16,000 AWESOME miles driven!

I drive to the office 5 times a week. It is 15 miles one way so that's 30 miles per day averaging 150 miles per week or 7,800 miles per year JUST TO DRIVE TO THE OFFICE! On the weekends, I normally drive around some place so let's say I put on another 100 miles leaving me with a grand total of 13,000 miles annually.

Looking at it this way, that doesn't leave me much time to truly take advantage of my driving experience and it surely doesn't look like I'd be a good candidate to lease.

Uggggghhhhh...I just don't know! I'll have to see what the difference is between a 12,000 and 15,000 mile lease, etc.

Thanks all for your thoughts.
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