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I actually used to work for a Toyota Dealer. I used to do leasing. Leasing is good idea for you because if you like to switch cars every couple of years there is no point in taking a hit with depreciation also dealers will kill you on trade in for SUVs (personal experience). The key behind leasing is more car for less payment. Check out the money factor and the residual value. These two numbers are the most important. The money factor will determine the interest rate on the loan, while the residual value will state the value of the car at the end of the lease. The higher the residual and lower the money factor, the lower the payment. To determine the interest rate w/ a money factor, take the money factor and multiply it by 24. In your situation I would also take a look at financing because that is a great rate, but if you are going to get rid of it in a couple of years do not expect anything for resale. Mileage wise you should be fine, the difference b/w 12K and 15K on Toyotas is $7/month on BMWs it should be $15-20 max. If you feel you might go over buy more miles, the extra miles are expensive. Modding wise be careful, sometime you can get screwed if the dealership is gay.

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