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Hi people, I have a few questions about angel eyes that would be create if someone could let me know:

1)Did the e46 ever come with them out of the factory?
2)With standard wiring do they replace the siderlights?
3)Would they turn off when when dipped beam is on?

and last.....

I have seen a few of these angel eyes around (mainly on E36's) and somehow to me they seem somehow wrong (not in a ugly/bad way). I look at them and instantly I think... ...aftermarket (Specially on an E36).

I was looking a brand new 6 series the other day that had OEM ones and they seem alot more subtle, a kind of yellow colour, not white, yes they stand out less but also don't shout look at me. You see I am not out to make people look at my car.

So my question, does anybody know if you can get more subtle lights and if so can you even get genuine BMW ones for the E46.

Thanks in advance!
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