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Originally Posted by OEMguy View Post
Because I have the means to acquire a BMW, I see you think I'm an idiot and you also think I should drive a pinto or festiva, but heres what I dont get, what does someones intelligence have to do with the car they drive? Basically what youre saying is that all dumb people drive festivas and smart people drive BMW's?..........
Do you think your dumb? Just please think about what you are saying. Reread yours posts. Your microfilter made your check engine light come on. what the heck is this all about. can someone help me. The answer is no. no one can help you. why do you think you are getting such dumb remarks. hmmm maybe because you sound dumb. And no people who drive pinto's or festiva's are smart. that money you spent on a microfilter that made your check engine light come on would last you two weeks in gas with a festiva or a pinto.

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