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I think there are a few things wrong with capping it. First, I believe if you cut the oxygen sensor totally away from the exhaust stream, it will throw a code. So that eliminates capping it.

If you don't take it far enough away from the stream, you will still get exhaust strong enough flowing over the O2 sensor to throw a CEL for catalytic innefficiency. So I don't think you can cap it with holes in the cap.

Besides that, even if it did work, you would have to find/manufacture a cap that could withstand the heat of the exhaust, still plug into the bung holes, and fit over the O2 tip.

Why try and find a solution to a problem in where there is already an easy solution? If you can't fit it due to a transmission, you can pay an exhaust/performance/dyno shop $50-65 to make a new location for you. Most performance shops have to make one anyways for a wideband sensor anyways.

It's been 2-3 months with only one CEL when I drove over 200+ miles. Daily driving does not set it off at all. Good enough to pass an OBD scan for emissions, good enough for me.

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