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Originally Posted by hyunman View Post
quick question...planning on doing this to my beater accord but...

in essence, seems like this diy is basically pulling the o2 sensor out of the main stream of exhaust, so it doesn't "see" the fumes as much...but if such a simple fix overcomes a lot of these CEL errors...what's there to say that putting something over the o2 sensor won't accomplish the same or similar effect? for example (just grabbing some ideas out of the blue)...what if i pulled out the o2 sensor and placed a metal cap or lid over the o2 sensor, and plugged it back in? perhaps poke a few holes in the metal cap so that it's not TOO restricting...would something like this do the trick as well?

i haven't pulled my o2 sensor out yet, and have never even seen one in real life - all i know about o2 sensors are from what i've seen online. so forgive me if i'm missing something obvious. i'm more than willing to try this non-fouler diy but wanted to throw this out there before trying it.
O2's generate voltage based on oxygen in the air. Once they are heated up the produce less then 1volt. The higher the voltage the more rich the mixture is. They are VERY sensitive to changes. If you block it off... You will have low voltage and get a CEL for that. Also that would make your car run RICH and waste gas. I wouldn't' block it off.

BTW my CEL came on today on the drive home from work. I'll post back how long it takes to run off. I have already noticed increased gas mileage (for the better) as well as a lot more power thru all gears and RPM's. Pulls much harder from 3rd-4th. I need to put some some cats on to get rid of the smell, and stop polluting of course. If anyone is interested... stock pipes are 2", and up for sale. -- PM me if interested.
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