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Originally Posted by frobie15 View Post
Fifty bucks for a set of non-foulers.... WOW!!!!!!!!
50$!! Thats rediclious. If your worried about drilling them out... its not that difficult. C-clamp and some drill bits; 1/2" drill bit on 2 of the defoulers is the goal and then screw the others ones in the bottom. You could probably get 2 sets of small ones and call it good.

I think my problem with the CEL is that I drilled the bottom defouler out to 3/8" (i think it was 3/8")... so its not working quite as good as it should be.... o well. I honestly dont think changing defoulers would be very hard if I used a lift.

If anyone is interested... the stock exhaust manifold weights 23lbs. short side=10lbs and long side=13lbs. SS ones weight around 8 lbs. So you cut a little bit of weight from the car. Add 2 cats and ur prolly around 12-13lbs total. So about 10lbs lost. Not too bad.
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