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I don't even tell chicks I drive a BM, or anyone, they're like what kind of car u got, I'm like a blue sedan. That's it. When they see it they'll make they're own assesment, but I don't tell em sh1t.

Funny tho, I was sitting beside this chick in class at the start of the new term, and I saw her keys, so I was like, cool, you drive a bimmer, what kind you got.
She's like, why, its just a car. I'm like I like bimmers that's why I asked. She's like, its just a car, it doesn't mean nothing. I'm thinking, u dumb ugly fuk. So I was like, damn ma, calm down, I asked because I drive one too. Then I got up, and moved. Dumb b1tch. Turns out she has a facelift 325, uber stock.
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^^^ do you spend all your free time on two wheels?
The Snikster posted sexy wiminz here
Do you ride a sportbike?
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