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Originally Posted by pish180 View Post
defoulers are to trick the rear o2's... In no way shape or form will it help you pass emissions! You will 100% fail if you don't put cats further down the line. This of course talking about emission checks where they put a hose on your tail pipe.

e46's have 3 cat's, 2 on the headers and 1 down stream. The one down stream doesnt do too much.

My car only has that 1 cat downstream right now and it stinks really bad! The exhaust temp also went up a LOT. You will defiantly want to buy some(2) universal cats ( jegs or summitracing I've found have good prices). My stock manifold flanges were 2" on my 03 330xi... Im' not sure if all 330's are the same or not. My guess is no.

I am putting cat on it since I'm in California. Maybe I should rephrase my question if by putting the defouler is it possible to trick the smog station computer. And i think they still put hose on the tailpipe here in California.
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