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Originally Posted by jailonacs99 View Post
Sounds like a real good use of everyones time. The cops driving around for 15 minutes looking for a spot, finding one, then takin 10 or 15 minutes to walk to where they need to go. And the people who have nothing better to do but meander around writing faux parking tickets on their windshield. That really makes the world a better place.

You know what, I make a point, a POINT of parking in red zones, even if there are spaces open. Precisely because the parking situation in LA is so bad. I'm not gonna take up a legitimate parking space that somebody else needs when my car is the only one that can be left in a red zone. Invariably though, every once in a blue moon some idiot will try to raise a stink. Of course, they only do it with the police cars, never with the ambulances, fire, or any number of other government or state owned vehicles that use their exempt plates to park in red zones. Or even delivery trucks that park someplace with their hazards flashing. Oh, it's fine for somebody to park illegally if they're bringing numbnuts his mail-order-pen*s-enlarger, but not if they respond to his 911 for help.

Now, imagine if that jackass lawyer gets what he wants in his perfect world? ALL vehicles, exempt government vehicles included, MUST park in designated spaces/meters. Now those hundreds of thousands (in the city of LA ALONE) of cars are vying for the same parking spaces you are. Unless he can magically pull millions of square footage of parking real-estate out of his as*, then he's just creating more problems than he's solving. And again, I'm just talking about how this reflects on the already dire PARKING situation. I'm not even touching on how assinine it is from an emergency response and priorities perspective.
So if an ambulance can't park in an emergency because a cop blocked the red zone to eat a burrito, you're ok with that? Cops doing personal business unrelated to their duty or an emergency have equal priority when it comes to parking?
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