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Originally Posted by JonJon View Post
Two wrongs dont make a right. Basically you're saying that cops (Read: You) have a higher priority to park in red zones than a delivery man.

Listen, you are not above the law. You need to follow it like everyone else. Just because LA is short of parking spaces does not mean you can ignore the law. Red Zones are there for a reason.

With that mentality, I work on Servers for some major hospitals, and if these servers that control/run SQL databases for patient records or run the data systems for the medication prescribing and drug interaction devices goes down, people can die.

So can I park in illegal spots too?

Get over yourself

No, that's not what I'm saying, read it again. I'm not talking just about police cars, I'm talking about ANY exempt vehicle (either gov't issue or private enterprise, like the example I used, delivery trucks) parking in red zones, not just police cars. There are literally hundreds of thousands of these vehicles all over the city parking outside of metered spaces. And why? Access, convenience, and congestion. And each of those terms apply not only to the people driving the car, but also to everyone else around them. But why is it that people just complain about the police cars, and not the postal trucks, ambulances, transport ambulances, fedex, DHL, Mom's Baked Goods, ABC transport, ACME, Pedros Burritos, LADOT, caltrans, street maintenance, etc. etc. etc.? And as far as the letter and spirit of the law, LA is very liberal about their parking policies for ANY exempt vehicle where the operator is on duty. They don't have to be responding to an emergency call to park in a red zone. So I'm not even talking about legality, I'm just talking about basic common sense as it applies to the entire city.

And in fact, in the situation you're describing with a critical server crash at a hospital, ya, that is an emergency situation that would require immediate resolution. Are you saying you'd spend 20 minutes looking for a parking spot while peoples life support systems are shutting down instead of just pulling right up to the entrance and running inside? How do you explain that afterwards? "Well, they died because I couldn't find a place to park." I suppose the police could use that excuse too, "Well, she died because I was parked too far away." I hear extenuating circumstances all the time, it's why doctors always say they're on their way to emergency neural surgery when they get pulled over.

So if an ambulance can't park in an emergency because a cop blocked the red zone to eat a burrito, you're ok with that? Cops doing personal business unrelated to their duty or an emergency have equal priority when it comes to parking?
I've never heard of an ambulance on a priority medical aid call looking for a space anyway, they pretty much just stop wherever. That's why their lights are flashing. Now, if you meant to say parking in front of a fire hydrant, then ya, that's why you never do that. Also, why I would never, say, fill up an entire bus loading lane. There's some simple common sense here people.
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