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Originally Posted by Carskibum View Post
The person filing this complaint is retarted, the cops in that town are gonna eat him alive with tickets...
Originally Posted by malum View Post
Yes they will. And you don't see a problem with an abuse of power like that?
I laft

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Cops get a lunch. I see them all the time. they go 10-50 or something. They dont get called to get a cat out of a tree during their lunch but they have to go if there is an armed robbery. I dont think they should get to park wherever they want, it sets a bad example and breeds more trust issues with the police. Yeah people rely on them in emergencies ITS THEIR JOB. It is what they chose to do, why do they all (some are) have to be heroes. Cops get more un-warranted appreciation (mostly b/c of the some of the brave) from 9-11. Cops are jsut people, some are lazy-POS, some jsut do their job and go home, so are amazing people who go above and beyond everyday. When people see them getting a free lunch, or *****ing at the counter clerk at Starbucks (search here for the story) it breed mistrust in them. LEAD by example.
Thank you
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