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Originally Posted by Genghis74 View Post
"BMW" = "Book More Women"?

I cannot comment on whether it's the BMW emblem that gets you more attention, but I do know for a fact that right now in the world there are probably not too many women going, "you know what? I hope I meet a nice guy with a sweet Pinto this weekend..."

Here (as in certain areas of Miami I'm sure-aka South Beach) it is not uncommon to have a prospective target ask you what you do for a living and what kind of car you drive before getting said strumpet's name. Go figure.
that's pathetic... if a girl asked me that, i would say, "you know what, i drive a bmw, but because you asked, you won't find yourself riding in it" and walk away.

As for the question at hand, i think girls, in general, cause they are shallow... they think they look nice and know they are expensive. Thus, they want to ride in them and be seen "looking hot"... god i hate teenage girls.

As for women... they like BMWs cause it means some kind of financial comfort/security

Also, on a final note, i think it has to do with the fact that bmw's indicate that you are a sporty guy who likes aesthetics and "nice things"... girls like that far more than they would a somewhat junky mustang

Oh, just for laughs, MSNBC finds BMW drivers have the most sex

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