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Originally Posted by UncleDon View Post
There are some on-line dealers like Tischer that sell the OEM bumpers as a kit and offer a discount to E46 Fanatic members...

ZHP springs may actually raise the front of a Touring from stock sport package height because the 325 is lighter than a 330 in front. Some of the Touring owners have used BMW OEM Rubber Spring Pads to raise the rear back up if it is too low for towing or when loaded after installing aftermarket springs.

Here's the BMW part numbers for the Rubber Spring Pads...
They I cost about $10 each.

E46 325It - 5mm - 33531136385
E36 325i - 7.5mm - 33531136386
E36 325i - 10mm - 33531136387
E46 325ix - 15mm - 33531094754

Stock Wagon size is 5mm.
I had a pair of 15mm that I tried with Eibach Pro rear springs and they raised it back up to about stock Sport Package ride height.
I hear H&Rs are just a little taller in the rear so you may want try the 10mm if the stock 5mm size is too low.

Here's another good Touring Mod thread to check out...
I didnt know about the raising the front end thing - good info...

And yes, the 15mm spring pads make a lowered suspension sit perfectly....BUT, BUT, H&R springs have settled and the rear now sits lower than the front - I have purchased a 2nd set of the 15mm pads and hope to install them along with the previous set (on the bottom vs. the top where the current set reside). I was fortunate to purchase them from a great source of information on tourings. thanks bud.
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