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for anybody that cares I just fixed it after 3 hrs. removing the fan was cake. then got the ac belt off and then figured out the mechanism for the hydraulic tensioner pulley. as I took the sc belt off I noticed that one of the plastic non-ribbed pulleys on the sc bracket was loose and wiggling around, barely holding on. my diagnosis was that the pulley was loose and got worse over time until the belt slipped and shredded. luckily,the pulley was not damaged and I was able to take the cover off and tighten it with a t-50 torx wrench. I did not have sockets but these allen wrench type things did get the job done but wasted 30 min. The hardest part was figuring out how to route the sc belt. the shredded belt was completely off the pulleys and was no reference. I looked at the technik install instructions and they had a small pic of some of the pulleys but were missing a couple, so the process was frustrating, after finally figuring it out, slipping on the belt on the last pulley was a pain. i stabbed my thumb and have a nice hematoma under my nail bed. anyway, i slipped it on, and everything is working great. the car even idles softer, perhaps the pulley was making extra noise. I also upgraded to a GATES brand belt just in case. so a happy ending here...
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