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Originally Posted by n2Bimmer View Post
non foulers didnt work for me,light is still on.
still on?? did you clear the codes first? The light wont turn off by itself. Go to autozone and have them clear the codes. OBD2 hookup is right above the dead pedal.

Originally Posted by frobie15
me either. I still have a light even with aftermarket cats!
Did you relocate your O2's? Otherwise aftermarket cats wouldn't do anything to affect the O2 readings. And if you did relocate them... how far down? Making the wire longer creates more resistance, giving the reading less voltage. My guess would be you don't get cat inefficiency if you did that, you would get something else. You'd also lose fuel economy.


My setup works for about 100 miles and then comes back on. But i drilled out 1 set of foulers to 1/2" and the other set to 3/8". And I was only suppose to drill out the 1 set to 1/2".

Ill just have to buy some new ones and take it too a lift to install them.
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