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Thanks so much. This is a great help. You would not believe the labor a dealer wants to do this. They will charge 100 bucks to change a light bulb....LOL. Plus if you buy lights from a dealer...OMG!!!! They tried to charge my friend 800 dollars for 2 new D2R bulbs on his Lexus. I imagine small fingers on the passenger side would help. Thanks again sillieidiot for taking the time to make the video. Also TheCarLessDriven....good tip on the washer fluid removal. It is tight in there without removing it.

Just to add: I just swapped my stock bulbs for 6000K ones and am very happy with them. Saved both stock ones as a backups in the toolbox. Fanatics were right as usual also....6000K bulbs are about as high as I would go.
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