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Originally Posted by walkabout View Post
Would you recommend changing oil twice a year if one drives only 5,000-6,000/year?
Originally Posted by jbeurotech View Post
Once a year or 7500 miles which ever comes first provided you are running a BMW LL04 approved oil
Seth got this one covered

Originally Posted by towelie View Post
how true is the thing about people changing the transmission oil after 60k miles and the transmission failing on them? Im almost 100% positive my sister never changed the transmission fluid but I want to change it since the car has 130k miles on it.

Also are there any good products to remove sludge from the engine, Im sure my sister followed the 15k mile change, but when I changed the oil myself it didn't look catastrophically bad. Im assuming most people who bought a used bmw or car for that matter from a "normal" person, would have bought from a person who follows the manus recommend intervals for service, just hard to imagine serious damage being done.
If you're beyond ~60K, don't even bother changing it. It'll just make it worse. If it's running, that's good. But just be prepared for it to meet its end at any point.

Of course the oil wouldn't look too bad, the filter is your main concern, not filtering out gunk. It'll build up in the engine, instead of being flushed out with the oil change. Not sure what you can really do about that other than having a mechanic pull it apart. You can try Seafoam, but that's more for carbon buildup.

Originally Posted by SilverBimmer325 View Post
Nice write up. For the auto tranny fluid change...I don't know how he did it but my friend has an 03 325i auto. He is a business man and puts about 35-40k a year and his car just hit 195,000. Original auto tranny. Fluid never changed. 1 in a million I guess.
Wow, that's incredible.
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