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Don't get me wrong, I would feel bad if my baby didn't get her oil changed every 10-15000km, but has anyone here ever read the article written by ex-ceo of Castrol? He never changed the oil in his cars and called changing oil one of the biggest scams in the history of motoring. Lemme see if I can find it...

Ok, i'ts damn hard to find an English article on this. The ex-ceo's name is Henk de Groot. He's Dutch and I read the article in a Dutch newspaper (actually, it was published in rather a lot of Dutch and Belgian newspapers, but I can hardly find anything on it in English) This is something I found tho, enjoy:

Former CEO of Castrol Oil in the Netherlands, Mr. Henk de Groot, has driven 160,000 kilometers (100,000 miles) on the same engine oil. (see: Old oil versus New Oil)
Mr. de Groot finds the oil-changing industry a big money grabber and on top of that it is polluting our enviroment.
The big oil scandal: hundreds of millions of dollars per year are wasted and an enormous amount of damage to the environment. Henk de Groot, is on a crusade against what he calls the 'oil change brainwash'

I only found this link to a commercial site, searching for info in English, weird.
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