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Originally Posted by skang2535 View Post
I love Kpeng! Never met him, but still! Hey Kpeng I have a question, I'm 19 years old and I bought a 2005 330ci and I'm still under warranty until 2010 or 100,000 miles. I changed my oil on my last car every 4000 miles synthetic (2003 Nissan Maxima). Well I was planning on changing my oil on my Bimmer at around 5-7 thousand miles, but the dealer said the warranty gets voided if I do it. Plus, If I tell the dealer to do it at 5-7 then they say they won't do it, saying that it still has another 8-10 thousand miles it can go. BTW great thread helps a lot of people!
That dealer are a bunch of idiots then. It won't void your warranty if you change your oil. Do it yourself once in between every 15,000 mile oil change they give you. Or take it to an indy shop and have them do it.

http:/ is a great place to find a good indy shop. So basically do 7,500 interval oil changes, once yourself/indy shop, then the dealer, then yourself/indy shop, then the dealer...on and on and on. Don't listen to them, it won't void your warranty, they're just trying to scare you.

As for the guy that mentioned the ex-CEO who drove 100,000 miles on original oil. That's one of the biggest crocks of crap I've ever read in my life. That guy's engine must be running on mud by now
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