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Originally Posted by parsonsmead View Post
ccfj1 many thanks. I had a feeling the microphone was installed there. Unfortunately I have no obvious cutout there on mine so would mean cutting the lining. Don't fancy doing that. I have noticed another possible location and this is using the 'missing' grab handle screw covers right above the driver's door glass.

Did you cut your lining to get the microphone in or was there some blanking plate already there?
Like you, when I did my BT retrofit I didn't fancy cutting the roof, (even the small sunroof panel) so I bought a new one from the dealer with the roof and mic holes all ready cut, much easier that way, it was cheap too.

Like mit says the some of the cabs have the mic in the roof lights (some on the steering wheel cowl), that may be worth a look.

I went OEM BT because I wanted as much compatibility and integration that I could get out of the phone system, I have nav as well and the VR works very well with both the phone and the Nav.

I did the retrofit myself and made the BT harness for a fraction of the cost of the OEM harness from the dealer, so the whole thing was approx 180 fitted and working, not that much difference than an AM phone kit (fitted).

Have you thought of going OEM?
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