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Post HorsepowerFreaks Stage 1 "HPF750" horsepower kits for the E46 M3

HorsepowerFreaks just released their heart pounding Stage 1 "HPF750" horsepower kits for the E46 M3 this July (featured in Modified Luxury and Exotics August 2007 issue). With the first and only "production" turbo kits available for the E46 M3 expect to start seeing these monsters in your local town very soon. Their kits provide a reliable and daily drivable 425rwhp (on 91 octane pump gas) and 600rwhp (730bhp) with the flip of a switch on race fuel. With a completely plug-n-play turbo system and with no engine internals or exhaust systems required to produce this kind of power, HorsepowerFreaks has created a highly sought after product in a market that is very hungry for big time power.

When you go for a ride in a car with this kit, on very light throttle operation, you have no idea that this isn't just your ordinary E46 M3. Everything from the effortless clutch engagement of the HPF Feramic clutch to the extremely quiet and smooth powerband, there is no mention to the unsuspecting passenger about what's in store for them when the fury is unleashed. Ease into the throttle a quarter of the way down and a jet turbine sound emerges as boost comes online almost instantly followed by the feeling that you're sinking into your seat with your arms twice as heavy as they were only moments before. Continue pressing the throttle to the floor and a growling exhaust note emerges as you start to feel like you're in a time machine that warps you ahead a thousand feet in just a blink of an eye.

This is all done through custom components designed to work exclusively with the E46 M3 and the S54 engine. Each and every part in the kit has been designed and re-designed for optimal efficiency, fitment and reliability. Their kit has enough bells and whistles to entertain even the most techno savvy enthusiasts. It is entirely plug-n-play and includes everything from the turbo system itself to a full fledged stand alone engine management system designed to work with the S54 DME, a custom fuel system, oiling system, intercooling system, intake system, sensors, gauges, switches, lines, and all other components required to complete the installation without a single trip to the auto parts store.

No expense has been spared on the development of these turbo kits which is evidenced by the design of many of these components. Pop open your hood with one of these kits, and the average car owner will have no idea that BMW didn't make every part under the hood. Everything has been designed to have a factory appearance, with a hidden capability to provide far from factory power levels. Take a look at the turbo manifold pictures and you'll find yourself mesmerized with how each runner has an individual path to the collector area all while being carved out of a single, solid piece of steel. There will be no chance of warping or cracking with this engineering marvel. Take a look at the intake manifold pictures and you'll see how several components have been designed right into the manifold and labeled including the blow off valve, intake air temp sensor, idle air control feed as well as the stage 2 methanol fogger. A stage 1 intake manifold designed for stage 2 "wet-flow" methanol. Now there's some forethought! A partially visible component to this docile looking beast is the six 750cc "high impedance" injectors that simply drop right in and plug into the factory harness without requiring any changes to the fuel rail. At 600rwhp, these injectors are only flowing 55% of their capability. These components along with nearly all the others included with their kits were designed for stage 3 "built internals" so that nothing would be wasted when the lucky owners of these kits decide that 600rwhp is just not enough.

Take one look at the engine management pictures and you'll see that this is no ordinary Horsepower System. Designing and creating an engine management system to run the S54 engine was not a simple task and required a joint development effort between HorsepowerFreaks and AEM. In fact two AEM engineers relocated from California and now work for HorsepowerFreaks in Portland, Oregon. They are both primarily responsible for designing most of the components for these amazing Horsepower kits. The electronics included with every kit are completely plug-n-play and even come affixed to mounting brackets to safely secure them to your M3. To ensure each install goes without incident, every wire is labeled, every connector uses heat shrink wrap, every wire is wire-loomed, in several places shielded wire is used, ring terminals are already attached and labeled, and fuses are affixed to the bracket and pre-wired. The fuel pump and oil pump relays are also attached to the bracket and pre-wired, the high end AEM 3.5 bar map sensors for the boost gauge and EMS are affixed to the bracket and pre-wired and the exact BMW connectors for plug-n-play operation are attached, loomed and pre-wired. Even the race fuel switch is pre-wired with a connector, the intake air temp sensor is pre-wired and labeled and simply screws into their intake manifold which is also labeled, the boost control solenoid is also pre-wired and labeled, and the fuel pump trigger is pre-wired that turns the extra fuel pump on at 3psi. Wow, with nearly everything all pre-wired, this installation is sure to be a breeze.

HorsepowerFreaks wants every M3 customer with their horsepower kits to know what's going on with their engine so they even included a snap on Auto Tech epod with an AEM UEGO wideband, an AEM boost gauge and even a knock siren "pre mounted" that alerts you in the event poor grades of fuel are used. This snap-on epod has also been modified by HorsepowerFreaks to include both the race fuel switch and the race fuel LED. Talk about an easy installation. The gauges, switches and LED's are premounted and simply plug in to the main EMS wiring harness.

These turbo'd E46 M3's are definitely a force to be reckoned with. One pass at the 1/4 mile already netted Chris a 11.66 @129mph (with a 2.0 60ft) on 19" wheels and street tires. With traction improved, we should definitely see some of these cars running in the 10's next year. We're excited to see all the new E46 M3's out there with these kits on them start commanding the roads and highways. If you can get a chance to ride in one, it is definitely worth the time and effort. We also look forward to seeing the HorsepowerFreaks Stage 2 and Stage 3 kits that should be out before next years Bimmerfest 2008.

HorsepowerFreaks Inc
12905 NE Airport Way
Portland, OR 97230

Phone: (503) 256-5600
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