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Originally Posted by Tom5933 View Post
I thought the M brand was all about NA engines, not turbos
They were, but more than anything they've been about racing technology. More and more vehicles are racing with forced induction (TDI for example). To add to it, I think that BMW is seeing what tuners like Dinan, Active Autowerke, and HPF are doing to BMWs, and seeing that there is a great desire for FI (both turbochargers and superchargers) from owners. Dinan has produced more FI BMWs than any other company worldwide, and they've been quite successful at it. BMW has to have taken notice of all the tuners. This is just my theory, though.

Also, with the current horsepower war, BMW needs to go FI in order to stay in the game. AMG and Audi all seem to be about HP numbers, whereas BMW goes for a more rounded capability. I just hope they don't sacrifice the handling for power.

All in all, I'm happy with the way ///M is going. There was lots of hype surrounding the new CSL, and I'm sad to hear that it's not going to come to fruition. BMW will regret that one, as I hope they regret not bringing the 1 series hatch to the US. I would hope that they continue to keep some cars NA. There's been talk for a while about a Turbo or S/C M5, and we've all seen the pictures. I think that a platform like that would be better for NA while something like the M Coupe/Roadster is directed more towards FI. BMW should also really consider doing a 135M project with upgraded software and components, or else an FI engine like the M Coupe possibility.
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