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Originally Posted by M3LTDOWN View Post
M hi-revving N/A engine =

M hi-revving turbocharged engine =

Currently owning an N54 powered car, I believe M can pump out a powerful, efficient and responsive engine with minimal turbo lag. Let's just hope, as stated above, they don't compromise the balance that makes M cars so satisfying to drive.
They have already. Sit in an E30 M3, then into an E92 M3
The last thing they did right was the E46 CSL.

And before I start getting flamed (again): I agree that they are a profit searching company like every other is too, but that doesn't mean I have to agree with what they are doing/planning.
I'd rather prefer seeing a 1t lightweight M3 again instead of a 1.6t walrus that needs the 100% extra power to compromise it's heaviness.

What other hope would there be? Going the Audi route and releasing even sportier versions? Audi S = BMW M ; Audi RS = BMW RM?
It sued to be different: The Audi S models would compete against the sport versions of the standard BMW models. Then the RS versions would go against the BMW M's.

I am really wondering if BMW is just trying to compete with others in the same market, looking to win the same customers, or actually doing it like they used to, and making more sport-oriented cars for the hobby enthusiast that loves driving spirited. Not saying it isn't possible with the new models, but it's just become so much different of what it used to be. I wonder if BMW ever asked themselves how many M3 lovers would now rather get a 911 Carrera instead of the E92M just because of the plain drivability.

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