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Originally Posted by e4sixxx View Post
so i looked at the pictures on this post and it seems to me that the radiator was modified it looks lower and set at an angle meaning you would have to take the oem radiator fan off and run a flat puller electric fan for the intake to be placed there as well as the radiator in the place that its in.
The site says that the kit consists of the air duct, filter and CF airbox and costs 3500EUR
The radiator does look aftermarket though (silver etc) and it does seem to be lower as you said.

As far as I recall I don't have a fan in front of my radiator, so I can just install this duct system (DIY of course) right up to the kidneys.

Here's what I'm thinking:

DIY the stuff circled in red. Either made of metal, plastic or custom made CF
The turquoise would be where the MAF is positioned.

Now for us 323/328 owners: We can get gains by installing an M54B30 intake manifold, and they are not minimal either, as far as I've heard. Good part: THAT'S STILL POSSIBLE by going with the frontal RAM intake DIY.

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