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Beers of Note

As the summer haze gets heavier and the cookouts more frequent there is the ever popular way of cooling off that nobody ever gets tired of partaking in. Yep, I'm talking beer. I'd prefer to go skinny dipping with the girls from Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. That would be VERY refreshing... but that will most likely never happen and thus, beer is much easier to obtain.

One I highly recommend is Hop Hazard Pale Ale by River Horse. This beer has a very bold flavor and is not for the wattery-beer fans. Sadly, this beer is hard to find. I wish you happy hunting.

If you can't find that but you like a hoppy ale then look for for the 60 Minute IPA from Dogfish Head. Another bold beer with flavor to spare. The taste starts strong and ends bitter yet mellow. Great stuff and well worth the $10 / 6-pack.

If you have trouble finding either of those then I'm sure you can track down a case of Pale Ale from the brew masters at Sierra Nevada. Not quite as much bite as the first two I listed but still, a very refreshing beverage.

Keep cool! Cheers!

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