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Originally Posted by Boosted_ZHP View Post
I also agree. I think M is doing the right thing. It does not matter if a motor is NA or FI, what matters is the quality of the motor. With rising gas prices and emission regualations world wide, they can not keep raising the displacement and adding cylinders as competators release cars with higher power.

On the future models, I do hope that the X5 and X6 are not marketed as M models, but just built by them kind of like the old 4.8 and 4.8is's. About the new CSL, i still feel it is a reality. I am pretty sure it wont be called CSL, and that is why he keeps denying it. Every model M has had a special edition model, e30 Evo, e36 LTW and GTR, E46 GTR and CSL, so I am pretty sure they will relase a special edition e9+. About the M1 I hope they do come out with a R8 fighter,
No CSL : Someone well knows how to read between the lines here

As for the M1 not coming

I have said nothing, not before and not later and I have in fact said less than nothing right now..

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