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Originally Posted by keith_m3-4 View Post
that's awesome.. what ballpark budjet is needed to get something like that done??? must be sweet!
Keith: Well, as I imagine you've seen other knowledgeable folks say, it ain't cheap. Obviously the final cost depends on tons of things, but I recall Ben at Rogue telling me when I first checked with him a couple of years ago to count on about $20K if someone's doing the work for you. He's right on the mark. I probably spent north of $12K on "major" parts alone. (total purchased parts count ran north of 200 items). That's a lightly used engine, harness, DME & cluster; used tranny (two actually....story for another day & lot's of beer ); entire rear suspension & brakes, diff; brand new 3.91 R&P and $$ to install. $140 for a TMS chassis kit and at least 10x that to put it in properly. New CSL headers & euro cats. Labor to extend the O2 sensor cables. Labor to properly locate & mount the M3 windshield washer tank. Labor to install & properly route various new wires & sensors not originally part of the 323. Rogue LTW flywheel, clutch, SSK, pulleys. And more parts. And down time. And lot's of troubleshooting & a couple of EWS units & finally a new ignition column lockset and key. Some more parts & labor and headscratching. And that's pretty much just the beginning (jk). Well, not really kidding. Like all good things, the devil's in the details. Want it to look like it rolled out of the factory? Spend $$ on factory parts & lot's of labor. Want to drive without CEL's & codes & pass emissions? Spend $$ on troubleshooting & more labor. You get the idea. Can you cobble something together & hang sh1t with ty-wraps & duct tape? Sure.

I'd do it again. I'd never do it to a coupe. Possibly to a sedan.

I always get a rise when I see guys on this board blab on about how it shouldn't cost much, just drops right in! You know they're beyond clueless and just hope no-one takes the advice seriously.

Originally Posted by budman View Post
I want this for mine too
Thanks Gunnar. Yours has always been one of the nicest cars here IMHO. I try to go for tasteful & yours is all about that.

Originally Posted by 330i ZHP View Post
stealth - how hard was it to install the M3 motor?
Interestinlgly Stuart, the mechanical side of this swap is so straightforward as to be stupid-simple. Across the model range, the chassis' are virually identical when it comes to the key hard-mounting points. Thus the entire drivetrain literally bolts right in. If it were only that, the world would be filthy with these monsters by now. But these days (as opposed to the late Cretaceous period, when I cut my teeth on car mods) it's all about CAN bus communications, firmware updates, software, and making processors in multiple modules talk to one-another without starting any arguments. It's this EE/Software sh1t (can you tell I'm a MechE ) that turns out to be the key to making something like this go properly and, hence, where much of the mod cost lies (at least the first time around).

Looking forward to hearing about your ESS mods soon!

Originally Posted by wooboodoo View Post
Do you have installed M3 cluster or still using your old one?
woobs: M3 cluster. Came from the Donor M3 along with the engine, harness & DME. Best done this way since the DME, Cluster, & LKM, EWS all look to one another and need to hand shake & get happy at start-up.

Originally Posted by jwm5 View Post
Nice setup... so how does it drive. I hope you upgraded the brakes from the stock ones in the dhop pictures... Any idea how much power it is putting out with the headers/cats or is it close to stock euro -- 343hp

what exhaust are you putting on?

you and 330ZHP make us with stock engine 325s
How does it drive? One helluva lot different than the original 323 step, that's for sure . Being able to spin the PS2's shifting into 2nd is pretty fun. Playing it "straight" (w/DSC off) can get pretty crazy. Need to be careful with the throttle, especially in tight turns or it'll swap ends in a heartbeat. Reminds me of my old 911's. It's early days yet, but I'm pretty sure I'll need to reduce oversteer with a bigger front bar and/or wider wheels & tires in back if I can squeeze 'em in.

Shifting at 8000 and then accelerating from 5K in the next gear makes for a race-car like soundtrack. That blaat, blaaat, blaaaat thing.

As for brakes, I have the 332 mm 4-pot Brembo's (black) up front & stock M3 bits out back. They're more than adequate for now. It's a hoot to take someone for a ride who's pretty much clueless as to the braking capability of these M-cars. They're reasonably white-knuckled under hard acceleration into 3rd, pushing 80 in about 7-8 seconds. Then absolutely frightened when I get hard on the brakes and stop faster than they ever thought was possible . Most folks find that more astoundiung than hard acceleration. I'd like to upgrade to 345's in front at some point since I have a red Brembo rear add-on caliper kit waiting. But that's all bling at this point. Not to say I don't fall for tasteful bling here and there!

Not really certain about the output. Will probably run up to BHS and get it on Joel's dyno just to see.

I took the Dinan muffler off (was on the original 323i !! It's nothing more than a tin can. Nothing in it but a single baffle) and now have an original ZHP in place. Definitely quiets things down, but also seems to sound "rougher". Hard to describe. Not really what I'm after. I need to check in with Ben Liaw to see if he's come up with any good solutions for this.

Originally Posted by 330i ZHP View Post
the wagon will be 330zhp ts2+ and the sedan will be 330zhp ts3 and both will be 6spd
I haven't been following the FI threads for a while, but assume the TS2 will push the S54 pretty hard and the TS3 would walk me. Then again I'm running a 3.91 so things should be pretty close up to maybe 80 or so when the TS3 HP advantage starts to show. Not that street racing is of much interest to me, but would be an interesting comparo.
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