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Originally Posted by GrayGhost View Post
I'm getting a bit of a "wobble" when I initially apply the brakes. I feel it mostly in the steering wheel and it goes away once I'm on the brakes hard. It feels about like one "wobble" per wheel revolution. I've pulled the wheels and double checked the brakes and everything is tight. I guess it might be a warped rotor (I noticed this soon after a weekend DE at Road Atlanta), but I couldn't see anything wrong when I had the wheels off, but I'm not sure I'd be able to see a warp anyway...
Any other thoughs / suggestions.
Warped rotor is most likely, especially if you had been playing at Road Atlanta (I gotta get down there one of these days). By any chance, did you apply the hand brake after you tracked it? I've read that you should just leave it in gear and keep the parking brake off after you've heated the rotors up like that to prevent warping.
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