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Originally Posted by impee View Post
willsbma, thanks for the tip, I will change my notes.

one thing i wanted to ask is that, once i finished, i parked my car and went in. 1 hour later a kid from outside rang the bell and told me that my car is making noises. i ran out and heard the radiator fan on full...i took the car for a spin, incase it needed settling down or water needed to flow through all the pipes for it to stop, but it still didn't.

the only way it stopped is when i unplugged the fan cable and then put it back. since then every 30mins i go out and check the car and its fine...very paranoid now!

does anyone have any idea what that was???????

My fan was staying on when the car was off. I had to un-plug when stopped and then plug it in when I drove. PITA. One time I went to the store and it did shut off by itself, I expected it to be on when I came back out but it was still off. I thought I got lucky for a minute but then when I got home and shut the car the fan stayed on again. So it was a fluke and I still had to buy the fan. Just watch it carefully. Either you kill the battery or kill the engine.
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